The very first thing you need to do once you login to the coach app is invite your clients/members to your dashboard.  You may also invite yourself to be able to view your own data at a deeper level and/or do live training sessions with the coach app.

You will add people to your dashboard by sending them an email invitation.  

You can do this from within the app or from the online admin portal as discussed at this link --> Online Admin Portal

From within the app, tap the SEND INVITATION button in upper right corner of the screen.  
Then type in the email address and press the Invite button.
Below is a video of how this is done.

As soon as you have invited someone, they will get an email with subject line "Morpheus Invite From Your Coach".  The email comes from but has specifics about the coach and facility who has sent the invite.

They can choose to accept this invite via the email or directly via the Morpheus Recovery app on their phone.

Below is how to accept it via email.

Or to accept the invite directly within the Morpheus Recovery phone app, the individual can go to Settings and then Invitations.  There it will show any pending and accepted invitations to the coach app.

Once they accept your invitation, you will see them in the All Members area of the screen.

On the Members tab you are able to see several important things.

  • On the left of the screen you will see tabs for All Members and also for specific Groups.
  • In the middle of the screen you will see all the users from your selection from the left panel (all users or a specific group).  

Grouping members together makes it easy to view their data in one place.

Groups are discussed at this link.