An ANT+ hub and ANT+ compatible heart rate monitors are required to run live heart rate sessions with the coach app.

Below are 2 short videos that show how creating and launching a new session works and then below the video is the text and screenshot step by step info shown in the video.

Schedule a Session

Straight to Launch Live

Below are the written instructions for the two videos above.

There are two ways to create a session - either tap the yellow Create Session button in the upper right corner or tap Add Session On... in the middle of the screen.  To change dates you can either use the calendar on the left or scroll up or down in the middle of the screen.

Both of these Create Session options bring you to the same member selection screen.

The coach app will auto-populate anyone who is within range of the hub as a detected member.

**Note**: this only happens if your hub is powered, members are wearing their powered on HR device (which for M5 means that they have started a workout on it), and if they have previously used their HR device with the Morpheus Recovery app or the Morpheus Coach app.  Later in this guide will show how to pair a new device to a member.

So here you can see the 3 people with detected devices and then everyone else is listed below them.

You can either select your session participants from All Members list (which is the default) or you can select a specific group in the drop down menu as shown below.

Select which members you want to add to the session by either tapping Select All or by tapping the individual bubbles to the right of each email address.

You can do this for both detected and undetected members.

After you have selected your members, you have two options for creating a session - create it to run immediately or create it to run in the future (one time or recurring).

Choosing the Schedule option is mainly for scheduling sessions for the future.  You can also set other session options by doing this.

Choosing the Launch Live option is for starting a session immediately.  

First let’s take a look at the Schedule option.

When scheduling a session you can edit the Session name, the room, the category, the instructor/coach, the date and time and whether it is a one-time or recurring session.

After you have chosen your session settings, you’ll press Save to Sessions.

Then you will be sent back to the main sessions screen and will see the scheduled session in the middle of the screen.

If you tap on your created session you can see all the members of this session.  You can add people or change session settings from here.

The other option for creating a session is just to go immediately to Launch Live instead of scheduling a session.

This will bring you to the screen shown below and will show you the heart rate or all the people who have their device on and active.  Anyone in the class who is not actually present or whose device is not turned on or otherwise is not broadcasting heart rate will show a red signal icon.  **Note: only applies if your hub is powered on.

From here you are able to edit session Settings or you can press the Start Workout button in the upper right corner.

For more information about conducting live workouts, please visit our next article titled Running Live Sessions.