It’s important to understand lifestyle factors play a role in the success of your clients and members.  But we don’t want you to have to dig a lot for the important data.  

Insights are designed to share important information with you on the day that they happened.  For example, you work with clients in the morning but you want to know their recovery scores and how well they slept.  You have have Insights turned on that are specific to those two metrics.

On the Insights tab you can see client data alerts for today or ranging back to the last 7 days.  The screen will always default to "today" at the top.

You can modify the value ranges for recovery, HRV, sleep, and activity/training to define when you want to be notified of specific changes to these values for your members.  

You do this by tapping SETTINGS on the top right of the screen.

Once you are within Settings, you can modify the values for each of the metrics.  These values apply to all of the members on your dashboard.  You can also choose whether or or not you want to be notified for each of these by toggling on or off the notification column.

You can filter the insights by type (recovery score, HRV, sleep, steps, training) or by a certain group.  And you can organize them by date, name, or type.

On the Members tab, you will see yellow lightbulbs next to groups and to the far right of individuals.  These represent the fact that there are insights for this day that you may want to look at.  Just tap on the yellow light bulb for a group or for an individual and it will show you the insights.  You can choose to mark any of them as "Read" for those that you have looked at.

If you want to dive deeper into the data that caused a specific alert, just tap on the arrow to the far right of a specific alert.  That will open up the detailed view for that specific metric.