After a session has been completed in the coach app there are a few cool things that happen.

First, you can see the workout results of each person in the session.

You'll be able to see time in each zone, avg HR, max HR, and Calories burned for each person.

Each person in the session will receive an email immediately following whenever you end the class.  This email is important because it allows the participant to enter how hard the workout was, how they rate their performance, and enter any workout notes.

This email comes from with the subject line Morpheus Workout Summary.

It is not mandatory that they submit this form after a workout.  But we highly encourage you to remind your participants to do so.  Submitting this will create the post-workout recovery score adjustment.  And you as the coach will be able to see how they rated their workout and any notes that they entered.

All completed sessions will appear on the Sessions tab and will show the avg time in each zone for the class as a whole, the time that it took place and how many participants there were.  Each of these are clickable and if clicked will bring you to the results screen as shown above.