The online admin portal can be found at this link:

This currently has several functions that are explained below.

1) Members

  • You can invite members to your dashboard here as well as directly in the coach app.
  • The difference in the admin portal is that you also can invite multiple people at the same time if you choose to.  
    • Click the Import CSV button.
    • Then choose the Click here option on the bottom to open an example CSV file
    • Type or copy and paste in the email addresses of the people that you want to invite to your dashboard.
    • Save that CSV file to your computer or other device.
    • Then either drag it to the box in the middle or click to upload it.  That will automatically send the email invitation to them.

You will then see everyone as Pending Invitations after checking that box.

As soon as they accept your invite via email or in the app they will appear in your All Members  tab here in the admin portal and in the coach app

2) Coaches

  • You can invite coaches who work at the same facility / business to join the coach app.  
  • To do this simply click on the Coach tab on the left and then click on Invite Coach on the right.
  • Type in their email address, name, and choose a permission level.  Then click Send Invite.
  • Permission levels are as follows:
    • 1 - view only; cannot make any changes
    • 2 & 3 - add members, create/edit rooms, create sessions for themselves as the coach
    • 4 & 5 - update company info, add/remove coaches, add/remove members, login to admin portal, create and delete sessions
  • The coach will get an email invitation such as the one shown below.  All they need to do is click to set their password and then they can log in to the coach app.

3) Devices

This section of the admin portal is for what we call "demo" or "gym devices".  And this is for Morpheus devices (M5 and M7) only.  

It might make sense for you or your facility to have one or two Morpheus devices that you use solely for "demo" purposes.  They get assigned to someone and then they can be reassigned to someone else or removed completely.

  • To add a demo device, click on Add Device on the right side.
  • Type in the device name into the box.
    • The name will always start with M5-xxxxx or M7-xxxxx
    • The "xxxxx" will be the 5 digits on the back of the device.  
      • For the M7 it's always the last 5 digits. 
      • The M5 only has 5 digits.

  • Click Add Device
  • You will now see that device listed, but not assigned to anyone.

There are two different ways to assign a demo device to someone - in the app or here on the admin portal which is shown below.

  • Click Reassign and then type in the person's email address.  It has to be the email address that they use to login to their Morpheus Recovery phone app.
  • Then click Reassign Device.

You will then see that the device is assigned to that person.  It will stay assigned to this person until you choose to reassign it to someone else.

In the Coach App, when your hub is powered on and in range and the person is wearing it, you will see it as an active device that is assigned to the person that you assigned it to.

Any other "gym devices" that you have set up in the admin portal but are not currently being worn by anyone within range, will also be listed below the active ones.

4) Rooms

Rooms are meant for the Sessions feature of the app.  If you have different spaces in your gym where you will be leading live heart rate training sessions with the coach app, you can create rooms and then schedule the sessions in those rooms.

You can create a room that can then be seen in the Coach App.  

You can also create a room directly in the coach app.

That's all for the admin portal for now.  But we will continue to expand it and it will become an even more useful tool.