There are two different options for running group heart rate training with the Morpheus Coach app - Sessions and Open Gym.

Both of these options are located within the Sessions tab of the app.  You will see CREATE SESSION and OPEN GYM shown at the top right of the screen.


The main characteristics of Sessions are the following:  

  • Sessions require you to choose the people that you want in that session and thus they are the only people who will appear on the iPad and TV screen.
  • Sessions can be scheduled in advance and can be recurring with certain people or they can be created and started right away.
  • Sessions must be started and ended by the coach.
  • When a session is running, the iPad must remain on that session screen.

The main characteristics of Open Gym are the following:

  • While Open Gym is ON, every Morpheus user in your coach app who is within range of the hub and wearing a recognized heart rate monitor (ie. M7) will appear on the iPad and TV screen automatically.
  • Other than turning Open Gym ON, there is no need for the coach to do anything with the iPad to add people - that is completely automated.
  • A workout starts recording as soon as a member is detected and appears on the iPad/TV.  And it stops recording as soon as the member has been undetected for 3 minutes.  If someone is undetected you will see a RED symbol on the iPad and TV where their heart rate should be.  After 3 consecutive minutes of being undetected the system deems them as "gone", they disappear from the screen, their workout is finished, and they receive the post-workout email.
  • While Open Gym is ON (but a Session is not also running), you can fully navigate the app as heart rate data is continually collected in the background.  The TV screen will continue to show member heart rate data regardless of what screen the iPad is showing.

Other important notes:

  • A Session trumps Open Gym.  
    • This means that if Open Gym is turned on and heart rate data is being recorded while showing people on the TV screen, and then you create and start a Session, the TV screen will change to show those in the session and anyone who was being recorded by open gym will have their workout ended automatically.
    • However, if someone is being recorded by Open Gym and then you create a session with that same person in it, their data will just continue with the session.  Example:  Open Gym is ON.  Client comes in to warmup 10 minutes before a group session.  Heart rate data is being recorded by Open Gym.  You create a session and add that client (and other people) to it.  Their workout "continues" as part of the session.  When everything is said and done they will have one workout recorded that will show the 10 minutes before the session started, all the session data, and any time that they were still in range after the session (ie cooldown).
  • iPad Operations
    • Since Open Gym is a "set it and forget it" function, it's best to ensure that your iPad and your Hub are always plugged into a power outlet.
    • Please your iPad screen to stay on and not auto-lock or turn off as we do not have "Background App Refresh" activated for the coach app yet.