When you are conducting a Session or using Open Gym with the coach app, you have the option to mirror that heart rate data to a larger TV screen.  There are a few items to consider if doing this:

  • Number of members/clients that will be on the Morpheus system (showing on the TV) at the same time.
  • Number of TVs you will want/need for your space
  • Type of TV or monitor to use

Number of members on the system

One group heart rate training hub can usually support up to about 60 users at a time.  The TV view of heart rate data will display 3 rows of 6 user tiles on one screen.  That means up to 18 people can be displayed at one time on one screen.  When there are more than 18 people connected to the system via Sessions or Open Gym, additional "pages" are created and the TV will cycle between those every few seconds.  

Example:  You have 25 people in range and connected to Open Gym.  18 of them will show on the screen at one time and then it will cycle to show the other 7.  This cycling back and forth happens automatically every few seconds.  

If you have only 3 people connected at one time then you will see one row of 3 large tiles to fill the screen.  If more people are added to the Session or Open Gym then the system adjusts the tiles as needed to show the maximum of 6 in one row and 3 rows total on one screen.

Number of TVs

Depending on the layout of your facility, you may want more than 1 TV to show Morpheus heart rate data.  Since Apple AirPlay (discussed below) can only mirror to one TV at a time, in order to have 2 TVs showing the same visual you will likely need to wire those TVs together with HDMI cables so that when mirroring the iPad to one TV, the same thing appears on any other connected TVs.

Compatible Types of TVs / Monitors

Ideally you want to have a TV or Monitor that is Apple AirPlay 2 compatible.

Here is a link to a list of TVs and devices that are Apple AirPlay 2 compatible.  The best option would be to use one of these TVs because it will just make the entire process seamless.  Within the link below, scroll down until you see "AirPlay 2 Enabled TVs and Monitors".


If you already have TVs in place at your facility and they are not Apple AirPlay 2 compatible or you prefer to purchase a TV that is not compatible, the next best option would be to get an Apple TV box.  An example of this is at the link below.


Wireless Screen Mirroring

To mirror your iPad to a TV screen wirelessly, you just use the main screen mirror function of the iPad itself.  You can find that by swiping down from the top right corner of the iPad screen.  That will open a menu similar to the one shown below.  Then you select the screen mirror icon.

After selecting the screen mirror icon, you will see a list of compatible AirPlay devices.  Tap on the correct one and your iPad will mirror to the screen or monitor that you have selected.

Wired Screen Mirroring

To mirror your iPad to a TV screen with a wired connection you will need a HDMI to Lightning type of adapter, such as that shown below.  You'll also want to make sure that your iPad remains plugged into a power source via the other port on this type of adapter.

When your iPad to TV screen mirror is done via wired connection, the TV will always show exactly what is on the iPad.

Now let's discuss how this actually works within the Coach App and what it looks like on a TV screen.

When you are not conducting a Session or when there is no one detected via Open Gym, you have the option to show a moving Morpheus screensaver on your TV screen.

To ensure this is the case, go to the PROFILE tab of the app and scroll down until you see DEMO MODE.  Ensure that is toggled OFF.  
When Demo Mode is toggled ON, a mirrored TV screen will show exactly what is on the iPad screen.

The TV view is different than the iPad view of heart rate data.  Instead of showing the real name and the picture of the member, it shows their "display name" that they can set in the phone app and it shows their heart rate place of where their profile picture is on the iPad view.

Examples of the TV screen visual are shown below.  Reminder that you can have a max of 3 rows of 6 people (18 total) on one screen.  And if you have more than that the screen will cycle back and forth between "pages" every few seconds.