The ANT+ hub is a device that allows numerous heart rate monitors to be detected and have the data transmitted to a single source - the Morpheus Coach app.

This hub is required if you want to run live heart rate training sessions in your gym and/or if you want heart rate data of your clients or members to appear on a larger screen such as a TV.

The Chileaf hub has a large range and operates over hardwired internet connection.  

In the Chileaf CL900 box you will find the hub, two range extenders that can be screwed onto the ports on the back of the device, the USB to UCB-C power cable, and velcro to help attach it to a surface should you choose to do so.

The hub can operate in a wired or wireless capacity.  Please below for details on these different options.

Below is a picture of how the process works.

Using the Hub in a Wired Scenario

The only requirement to use the CL900 in this wired scenario is that you need to plug the hub into the WiFi router that runs the network that your iPad is connected to via WiFi.  This is done via ethernet cable.  

You will need to use your own ethernet cable to plug it directly into your internet source.  Most often this gets plugged directly into the WiFi router or it gets plugged into a secondary "satellite" if you have a mesh network in your facility.  

Other than the above, it is completely "plug and play" - there is no other set up required. 

Using the Hub in a Wireless Scenario 

The hub can operate in a completely wireless scenario or in a partially wireless scenario.

Completely wireless means that it is running on its internal battery and is connected to WiFi or hotspot.

Partially wireless means that it is plugged into power source with USB-C cable but it wirelessly connected to WiFi or hotspot.

For complete instructions on how to set up this type of wireless connection, please see the PDF file attached to this article.

Positioning the Hub

The hub should be as centrally located as possible relative to the area that clients/members will be exercising.  And ideally as high off the ground as you can place it to avoid any possible signal disruptions from large exercise equipment being in the way.  The range of the hub and the heart rate monitor is between 30-40 meters in any direction.

If you have a large space, you may need 2 hubs located something like the picture below.  

If you do not have the option to mount and hard wire your hub up high or centrally locate your hub in the exercise area, that's okay.  Maybe using it wirelessly is the best option for you.

Once your hub is on the exact same internet network as your iPad, you can check to make sure that it is being detected in the coach app.  
If the coach app is open on your iPad, first completely close it and reopen it.
Tap on the SESSIONS tab on the bottom.

Wait about 5 seconds and then tap on the hub icon at the top of the screen.

Ensure that Chileaf is selected in the hub drop down menu.

You should see Chileaf Hub XXXXX in the "Hubs in range of this iPad" box.

The ID listed is printed on the top of the hub itself for reference.

As long as your hub is detected and within range of your iPad, then heart rate monitor detection for your members/clients will be easy and seamless.