You may need to pair a Morpheus or other ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor to the member that it belongs to.  This is an easy process and only needs to be done one time for any heart rate monitor that a member may be using for Sessions or Open Gym features of the coach app.

First, have anyone who needs to have their heart rate monitor paired put on their heart rate monitor and make sure that it is powered on.  The Morpheus M7 will blink white and then eventually blue and also will beep 1 time when it has powered on.  

*These people will need to be within range of the hub.

Next, tap on the Sessions tab at the bottom of the screen.  Choose Create Session at the top or you can choose to add a session for the current date in the middle of the screen.

Anyone who is nearby and already has had their heart rate monitor paired to the Morpheus system will appear as "Detected Members".  But what you need to do is find and select the person or people who need their HRM paired.  You can search for them in the search bar.  You can filter by group.  Or you can just scroll down the list of "All Members" at the bottom of the screen and tap the circle next to anyone that you need to add.  

After you have selected the people that you want to add to the session, tap on Launch Live on the bottom right of the window.  This will populate tiles for each person that you selected.  You can also add other people from this screen if needed by tapping on Add People.

To pair a new heart rate monitor to an individual, first tap on the tile of that person.  Then tap on Change HRM Device on the bottom left.

You will see a list of all active devices (within range of the hub) with the device ID listed.  You may also see that some of the active devices are already assigned to individuals.  In this case you will see the device ID as well as the name and email address of the person.

You obviously do not want to select a device that already belongs to someone else.  So look for active device IDs that do not have a name or email address next to them.  All Morpheus devices have the device ID listed on the back of the unit; so this or some portion of it is what will be listed in the coach app.

**Note that if you loaned a HRM to someone and paired it to that person, it will still be paired to that person until you reassign it to a new person.

Tap on the circle to the right of the device that you want to pair and then tap Assign Device on the bottom right.  You have now assigned that device ID to the person that

 you chose and it will be paired to them forever.  So the next time they come to the gym wearing that same device, the system will automatically detect them and they will show as a Detected Member when creating a session (if they are within range of the hub) OR they will be automatically detected by the Open Gym feature of the coach app.